Breaking through the glass ceiling

This week our parent company J Bennett & Son, was listed in the Insurance Age’s Top 100 Insurance Brokers in the UK. This is a fantastic reflection of the growth of the business, commitment to continual professionalism and embodying the highest standards of client service and care. We are proud that Mathews Comfort, with over 160 years of history protecting business around Oxford and beyond significantly contributed to this milestone.

Traditionally the stronghold of large London based national and international brokerages, breaking into the top 100 list has always been an ambition of our group. What makes this achievement more profound is that it demonstrates that a can business and grow and prosper without neglecting the core principles that underpin its success, even with the challenges of working through Covid restrictions. For us, that is putting our clients first – always, and having staff doing whatever it takes.

Many of the companies within the top 100 are large national and international corporate brokers with multiple office locations, call centres and large staff numbers. That is not who we are. We have two regional offices, account executives with longstanding client relationships and a drive to balance client needs with the very best in service and solutions.

To all of our clients, old and new, thank you for supporting our business, and whilst we are proud of the recognition garnered from entering the top 100 list, it doesn’t detract from what we do best – protecting our clients.