Oxfords Open Door weekend is here again. 8th–9th September 2018

Oxford Open Doors is an annual celebration of Oxford across all walks of life, it’s places and people. Organised by the charity Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT) in partnership with the University of Oxford free to everyone over the weekend of 8th – 9th September 2018. They are running a full programme of events including; discovering Tolkein at the Western Library, visiting the former home of C.S Lewis at “The Kilns” and celebrating women in science at the Museum of the History of Science. The list is endless. You can download the weekend’s events by clicking here

With over a hundred historical buildings being open to the public, the Radcliffe Observatory will be a highlight along with an old favourite, the Oxford Castle & Prison. For the first time you can visit the Painted Room at 3 Cornmarket, a hidden gem with Elizabethan wall paintings, previously the Crown Tavern where Shakespeare stayed and at one time Sir John Betjeman’s office.

If you are member of the Oxford Preservation Trust there is a full programme of events running throughout the week preceding the big weekend. The full list is available online. Click here to download the brochure or to find out more about becoming a member you can click here.

In it’s eleventh year the Oxford Open Doors event goes from strength to strength and Mathews Comfort Insurance Brokers is very proud to be a supporter. This year for the first time Oxford Open Doors will be offering internet users and local residents live streaming. Online viewers will be able to experience elements of the weekend from the comfort of their electronic device for free with select tours and lectures set to be captured and livestreamed directly via their website.

To watch their live streaming click here.