Manufacturing / Wholesale

We arrange bespoke insurance cover for a wide range of manufacturers and wholesalers, including plastics and distribution, ensuring your business is protected against insurable risks.

Whatever the size of your company, whether you are an SME or major corporate, whether you operate locally or globally, we can carry out a risk assessment to ascertain your specific vulnerabilities and arrange bespoke cover, tailored to your exact requirements.

If your business is exposed to a wider range of risks than normal in its day-to-day operation, either due to the type of goods you produce or store, or the processes you use, we can arrange a tailored combined policy, offering comprehensive business cover in a single policy.

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Russell Thynne Cert II

Managing Director
Tel: 01865 951941

Mathews Comfort, a leading independent Insurance Broker, has taken the time to understand the business requirements of OCS Checkweighers Ltd and consequently provided us with an appropriate and competitive insurance programme. MC’s ability to understand OCS’ demands has helped to establish a long term and prosperous relationship between the two companies.

Wendy Reynolds, Office Manager, OCS Checkweighers Ltd


The Mathews Comfort Cybertection cover is designed to cover SMEs against the costs of rapidly increasing cyberattacks.