Why Use An Insurance Broker
It’s not just about price!

At Mathews Comfort, we are often asked why people should use a broker when most Insurance policies can be purchased online. We always give the same answer. It's always about personal service and personal circumstances.

Philippa was approached recently by an existing client who insured his main home. During the conversation, he mentioned that he also owned a second home which he and his family used as a holiday home. Philippa suggested that we it might be possible obtain a better deal for the client by combining the two properties together under one policy. It transpired that the client had also recently purchased a third property which his son now lived in. Using the knowledge accumulated over the 30 years she has in the broking industry, Philippa knew which markets to approach in order to obtain the best possible covers. A service which is not available when using the internet. All three properties were subsequently covered under one policy.

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Case Study: Why Use An Insurance Broker